Athens, GA 
Shehehe Band Athens GA Live Music Georgia Theatre Female punk rockers
Shehehe is, first and foremost, a good time. Fun to watch, fun to listen to, fun to party to, and fun to party with. They write heartfelt, autobiographical songs about a band and its life: the things that drive em crazy, the things they love, the awes, triumphs, and humor of it all. When you see them live or hear them on a record, from that first note to the last, you’ll be bouncing and singing along to the infectious, anthemic chants of youth and subsequent struggles with adulthood. Snarly call-and-response male/female punk vocals, occasional soft, sweet harmonies, and a scream or two, paired with thumpy, pounding, aggressive, hypnotic rhythms have been inspiring and cultivating a genuinely honest, nostalgic, yet unique rock & roll scene. A scene not just in their hometown of Athens, GA, but all over the plethora of cities these road-tested, road-worn, and at times road-beaten band members have been during their six year tenure. Uncompromised, unabashed, uninhibited, a must see for fans of any kind of music, Shehehe is, last and aftmost, a great time!